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Город Золотой

Beneath the pale blue sky,
a golden city's placed,
with gates as clear as crystal glass
and with a star ablaze.
A garden blossoms there,
with flowers far and wide,
and fascinating animals
are wandering inside.

One beast is like a yellow fiery lion,
another is an ox all full of eyes,
and the third of them is Golden Eagle
gazing from the heavens unforgettably.

And from that sky of blue,
a star is shining through.
My angel, look! This star is yours,
it always shines for you.
Beloved are those who love,
and blessed those giving light.
The shining star will guide you to
the garden of delight.

The yellow fiery lion will greet you there,
together with the blue ox full of eyes.
You will also meet the golden eagle
gazing from the sky so unforgettably.

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