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Color idioms

Just useful story colored with different idioms. Notes were taken from educational video.

Part I

"...If you are in the black, you have some money. If you're in the red, you owe money.
Whether you're in the black or in the red, your bank will tell you in black and white.
Black and white means written down and official. Where are no grey areas when it comes to banking. Everything is black and white. Go to see your bank manager when you are in the red and he will give you a black look.This shows that he is angry with you. He probably think you're the black sheep of your family. The black sheep is a failure or disgrace. A Sheep are normally white. Wool comes from sheep. A sheep that is black can not produce good wool. A black sheet is not valuable as a white sheep for a farmer. If you are a bit black sheep and you ask for a loan, a bank manager might
black ball you. This means that he will vote against you and exclude you from his borrowers. He might even blacklist you. If you're blacklisted, you won't get a loan from anyone. Being blacklisted can make you blue. But banks wants you to be in debt. As Publilios Syrus said: " Debt is the slavery of the free."
So banks blacklists people once in a blue moon. When there is a lot of dust in the atmosphere, the moon can look blue. This does not happen very often. Unlike the moon, the sky is often blue. Something that falls out of the sky arrives without any warning. A huge bill can
come out of the blue. It can push you out of the black and into the red.
A huge bill can leave you feeling blue unless you're a toucan or a pelican. Toucans and pelicans have huge bills, but they seem to be happy enough with them. Some parrots are blue? some parrots can talk, but you'll be blue in the face before you can get a parrot to recite Shakespeare. If you are blue in the face and you are not a parrot, you've reached the end of your patience.
If you a doctor, reaching the end of your patients, would be something a red-letter day. Really important and notable dates are marked in red on a calendar. Sometimes the doctors patients are in pain. These patients can scream blue murder. The doctor has to be patience with these patients, even when they are making a lot of horrible noise and annoying everyone.
Even so, the most patient of doctors can be browned off by too many impatient patients. When i was young, my brother joined the military. I wanted to be a solder very much and was green with envy. So, even though i was young my parents gave me the green light to join Royal Air Force. I joined when i was sixteen. I was a green recruit , although my uniform was blue. New shoots on trees and plants are green and i was young and inexperienced like a new shoot. And because i was green they taught me to shoot. Now i was a green solder in a blue uniform, but i didn't have green fingers. Many people do have green fingers, but you won't notice them unless you go to the gardens. We've already agreed that plants are green. People who touch plant a lot end up with some of the green on their fingers. To have green fingers means that you are very good at gardening. Today i am not green. I've grown up and I've gone from green to grey. I'm always confused whether to spell grey or gray. For me this is a grey area. Apparently my brain is grey too. I haven't looked for a while, so i can't be sure. What i can be sure about is that if i say use you grey matter, I mean use you brain.
You must be tickled pick by this new idioms. I'm tickled a pink that you are watching this video.
As well as being tickled pink, you can also be in the pink. I'm in the pink. I'm in a perfect condition, even though I'm grey..."

To be continued...
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