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Mother's feelings

Who knows what they are feeling? Just a curious experiment.

Every women, no matter what age she is, need to be in pregnant condition to understand what means to be a real mother. I mean that child's life is started when his mother can feel him in utero due of mix emotional energy.

Sometimes she can not understand her strange wishes, because she trying to explain them by her own mind...Common mistake. Feelings and emotions does not belong to her anymore...She should understand what does her child want, to make both decision. Sometimes it is not easy, but...she was given 9 months to understand it and to accustom to her own child.

When new mother and her future child understand each other, they will feel just positive emotions. When one of them is sick, it means that both of them are sick. That why future mother should care about her physical, emotional and mental health. 3 directions and all of them are important, because they used to be foundation for future new alive building.

I like to watch how this tandem is working, and i can see what kind of changes both of them are having at this

period...yes, a lot of changes, because we should to return to our own childhood to understand our unexpected desires. And future child actually trying to understand his mother as well as mother trying to understand her forgotten feelings...She is becoming a single source and world for him during 9 months period. Great time...to be like a child and to feel like a child, to be a whole world and to live in a big world...Mix...and it will be forever since her first strange feeling was detected.

Future childs in utero, newborns and adults...All of them are the children...and we are the world.

Hmmm...it seams we have at least 2 mothers, 2 angels, to sources to be alive.

We can to receive all what we want, but for the first time we need to understand each other, our mix feelings.

So...A lot of thoughts...Mother and her place in external and internal world...

To be continued...
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Вовочка, 41 Москва
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8 декабря 2010 в 18:56
Хммм Also what? And if the woman gave birth to the child not?
And in general you know that that the man feels when the birth of the child waits, you in general saw near to yourselves loving man?

As you like to sing of motherhood thus forgetting that
Yesterday you wanted a family, and a word a family designates we and I am far not or IT
Джек, 42 Новокузнецк
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8 декабря 2010 в 19:50
Better write in russian language. The Essence said by You about birth child has a greater sense on родном language.
Forgive for broken english. You pregnant or were.
вЕточка, 50 Донецк
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8 декабря 2010 в 20:01
Aren't you a mother yet?
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