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The best way to describe me as I am not always smartest but competent, ambitious, hard working, spontaneous with zest for life. People who know me always like to keep good relation with me. Attractive, tall (5'-10"), reserved personality. Love Nature, Science, Astrology. I am a good honest man, I definitely enjoy hugs and kisses from someone that I am attracted to. Being together and holding hands like a couple of kids makes me happy.
Познакомлюсь с Женщиной в Ашберн
Цель знакомства:
Дружба и общение,
Любовь, отношения,
Брак, создание семьи,
Занятия спортом
Кого я хочу найти:
I desire someone who is fun yet stable, capable of having a good time in intimate settings or large crowds. Someone I can have fun with at the park, just the two of us walking by the water hand in hand or a cookout with the family and friends. Someone who I can enjoy a movie and popcorn with at the theatre or play or on the dance floor, shaking a leg. Someone I can share a burger with at Burger Queen or a quiet intimate dinner at a restaurant. Someone that I can rival with while watching football or basketball, or a bag of peanuts at the zoo. Someone I can cook beside in the kitchen, while stealing a kiss or taking a shower while I wash her hair. I desire to read the word of God with the one I am with and pray side by side when we are done.
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