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Why are you so boring?

Last week I wrote about my being in love... I wasn't sure in it, but I was so excited that I can feel it again... I don't feel joy and lost those feelings now because of his inattention and my impatience. Is uncertainty not for me? I cannot wait and think he is friend or more... I would like to live and be loved right now!
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Ольга, 51 Архангельск
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12 октября 2009 в 00:08
I d,t know what are u want? But i will be so glad to see y-r eyas in the heart
ира, 35 Тверь
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17 октября 2009 в 09:45
Очень очень с тобой согласна !!!

и желаю тебе не скучать без любви, а в любви особенно!
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