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«Гимн для разбитых сердец»

Behind a wall
There is a boy
I've tried to reach
For many years
Each time it rains
I see his face
I offer shelter
He walks away

May you have brighter tomorrows
The past you had was shrouded in deceit
May you be eternally beautiful
The way you are
The way you are
To me

I had the chance
To feel his pain
I didn’t look
Deep inside
My desperate hope
Won’t bring him back
It only kills
The love I have

I walked away
From the waters edge
Feeling numb
From the cold
Now when it rains
I can’t see his face
I am weak
And I have failed

Текст песни *** Hungry Lucy - Rainfall ***
очень красивая песня !!!!
Владимир, 38 Ужгород
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5 марта 2009 в 10:24
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